Kyoto International Conference on Computational Geometry and Graph Theory ---- in Honor of Jin Akiyama and Vasek Chvatal on their 60th Birthday ----

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@Plenary Talks

  • William Cook (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    Title : A Computational Study of the Traveling Salesman Problem
  • Greg Frederickson (Purdue University)
    Title : Unexpected Twists in Geometric Dissections
  • Ferran Hurtado (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
    Title : Compatible Configurations
  • Joseph O'Rourke (Smith College)
    Title : Unfolding (and Folding) Orthogonal Polyhedra
  • János Pach (City College, CUNY and Rényi Institute)
    Title : On the Structure of String Graphs
  • Bruce Reed (McGill University)
    Title : Graph Colouring a la Chvatal
  • Akira Saito (Nihon University)
    Title : Chvátal-ErdÅ‘s Theorem - Old Theorem with New Aspects -
  • Kokichi Sugihara (University of Tokyo)
    Title : Computer-Aided Creation of Impossible Objects and Impossible Motions
  • Godfried Toussaint (McGill University)
    Title : Comparing Musical Sequences via Linear Assignment Problems
  • Jorge Urrutia (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
    Title : Jin Akiyama and his Geometry