Kyoto International Conference on Computational Geometry and Graph Theory ---- in Honor of Jin Akiyama and Vasek Chvatal on their 60th Birthday ----

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@Arrival Information

From Kansai Int'l Airport (KIX) to Kyoto Royal Hotel & SPA

  • (Recommended - get to the hotel directly) Shared Taxi (not usual taxi) : 3000 yen, about 2-3 hrs. RESERVE 2 DAYS BEFORE your arrival. >>> Airport Shuttles (Shared Ride)
  • Otherwise you'll have to transfer at JR Kyoto Station.
    • First take the JR Limited Express "Haruka" = 2980 yen (NonReserved) - 4220 yen (FirstClass), 73 min./every 30 min., or the Airport Limousine Bus = 2300 yen, about 105 min./every 30-60 min., to Kyoto Station.
    • Then take a taxi = about 1000 (?) yen and 10 min., or bus no. 17 to Kawaramachi-Sanjo = 220 yen and about 15 min.
    • Or, take the subway (transfer at Karasuma Oike and get off at Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae) = 250 yen and 10 min. and walk to the hotel = less than 1 min., see also Kyoto subway map.

From Kyoto Royal Hotel & SPA to the conference venue ( Clock Tower in Kyoto University)

  • Bus from Kawaramachi-Sanjo to Hyakumanben (Kyoto University) no. 3 (time table in Japanese) or no. 17 (time table in Japanese) = 220 yen and about 15 min. Then walk to the venue = about 3 min., see this map (PDF file).
  • Note:The Clock Tower of Kyoto University (Conference Venue) open at 9:00 am.

How to get to Kyoto University from Royal Hotel & Spa on foot

  • It is about 2.6 kilometers and takes about 35 minutes or more, See this map.

How to get to Kyoto University by taxi

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